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Liaoning HUAFU Group Singed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Beijing Institute of Aerospace Testing Technology

Nov 5th, 2018

A grand strategic partnership framework agreement ceremony was held between Liaoning HUAFU Group and Beijing Institute of Aerospace Testing Technology in Beijing at 10am, October 31, 2018.
The agreement shows that the two parties establish a comprehensive strategic work partnership. On the basis of long-term friendly cooperation, the two sides will implement an all-round and deep collaboration which will fully leverage the advantages of each party to form and achieve win-win and sustainable strategic partnership.


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It was a high and new tech enterprise and the first batch of university-industry cooperation demonstra -tion base of Liaoning, the key enterprise of Chinese environmental protection industry, and the first ba -tch member unit of Chinese industrial energy sav -ing and cleaner production association.

Xinglongtai District, Panjin City,  Liaoning Province, China
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