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Liaoning Huafu Group Held the First Swearing-in Ceremony of Senior Executives (2019-2021)

Apr 12th, 2019

At 13:30 on Apr. 9, 2019, Liaoning Huafu Group held the first swearing-in ceremony of senior executives at its Panjin Headquarters. The ceremony was hosted by Li Guihai, the President of Huafu Group, and attended by nearly 60 senior executives, middle managers and key staff members.
President Li Guihai announced the opening of the swearing-in ceremony. All attendees stood up and sang the national anthem.
President Li Guihai is hosting the swearing-in ceremony of the new senior executives.
All the attendees are singing the national anthem in unison.
Then, President Li Guihai read out the appointment for the new senior executives, and invited all the new executives to appear on the stage. All the new senior executives, led by President Li Guihai, took a solemn oath and signed their covenants in turns. Hong Hai, the new General Manager, spoke on behalf of the new senior executives and read out the appointment for the middle managers of LHEEC.
President Li Guihai is leading the new senior executives to read out the covenant.

The new senior executives are signing their covenants in turns.
After that, President Li Guihai delivered an important speech with the theme of "servant leadership". He fully affirmed the work of the previous senior executives, which laid a good foundation for the work of the new senior executives.
President Li Guihai pointed out that a leader should be a servant leader and should have a humble and serving heart; a leader should treat his subordinates with love, understanding and tolerance; a leader should play an exemplary role, be fair and just, and set a good example for his subordinates, so as to win their trust; a leader should have the ability to solve problems, and especially be calm and have the courage to take responsibilities in difficult times; a leader should have a deeper commitment, and live a life worthy of being emulated by others; a leader should also use goals to dominate his work and life, and take goals as the direction of work and life.
At last, President Li Guihai stressed that as a leader, we should guide our subordinates to use the "ten principles of leadership" as the guidelines. As long as we are loyal, responsible, upright, righteous, united, tolerant and loving, humble and courageous, Huafu will surely strive for excellence and finally become a blessing to our employees and the society. He also wished the new executives' accomplishment of their missions!
A group photo of the new senior executives
At the swearing-in ceremony, Huafu Group also held a solemn "foot washing ceremony". The President of the Group washed feet for the Vice Presidents and the General Managers, the Vice Presidents and the General Managers washed feet for the senior executives, and the senior executives washed feet for the middle managers. In the process of foot washing, there was shyness, laughter and tolerance. When the leaders stooped and extended their hands to the feet of their subordinates, they were moved, and their hearts were full of understanding and trust...
The President Li Guihai is washing feet for Li Guihe (the upper), the Vice President, Hong Hai (the lower left), the General Manager of LHEEC, and Gu Feng (the lower right), the General Manager of Petroleum Company.
The Vice President Li Guihe is washing feet for the senior executives (the upper). Hong Hai, the General Manager of LHEEC, and Gu Feng, the General Manager of Petroleum Company, are washing feet for the senior executives (the lower).
The senior executives are washing feet for the middle managers.
Through the swearing-in ceremony, everyone has a deeper understanding of the meaning of servant leadership, a deeper understanding of the connotation of corporate culture and values, so that everyone gets a full sense of happiness, harvest and belonging. Under the leadership of the senior management headed by President Li Guihe, all the staff members will understand each other, love each other, stand shoulder to shoulder, unite as one, and march towards excellence!


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