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Oily wastewater standard discharge process

Large amount of High-salt wastewater is produced with the oil exploration. The wastewater will severely pollute the environment by disposal and waste so proper measures is need to be taken, so the water can be treated and recycled. Those bring the benefits of saving cost, no harm to the environment, improving economic benefits and successive development.

In consideration of the high-salt wastewater features and practical oilfield production condition, with mature pre-treatment technology and device, we adopt dual-membrane process, we have finished field test and trial verification, which provide a solid foundation for project large-scale implement.

The most important indicators for water discharge is COD, to make COD meet discharge standard, it is necessary to choose the appropriate method to remove the COD, according to different forms of COD composition, using reasonable technology route to solve;

Simple organic acid, benzene, phenol, most COD can be removed by biodegradable method, this is the cheapest method;

Part of the degradation-resistant COD can be removed by adsorption, higher cost

Part of the most degradation-resistant COD can be removed by advanced oxidation, the highest cost.

Pre-treatment (Oil+ SS removal)---- hydrolytic acidification/advanced catalytic oxidation---- biochemical process


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