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With the developing of urbanization and industrialization, sanitary wastewater pollutions is getting worse and more, how to effectively treat the sanitary wastewater have become an important factor of city and economy development.
In China, 674,000,000 people live in the country, 2,500,000 villages, 35,000,000 ton water is discharge, less than 25% water is treated, more than 96% water is place to discharge and treated. The living standard of country has become better, but the basic construction and management have been left behind, sewage pour ground surface ditch and direct emissions, rain sewage mixed flow, random pile up garbage exudate, roadside village runoff pollution is serious, the environmental quality is poor, eutrophication and serious destruction of biodiversity, ecosystem self-purifying ability is weak, has restricted the rural economy the all-round development of the ecological environment, has affected the construction of a harmonious villages, the pace of the harmonious society, also affects the "dream - beautiful countryside in China"


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It was a high and new tech enterprise and the first batch of university-industry cooperation demonstra -tion base of Liaoning, the key enterprise of Chinese environmental protection industry, and the first ba -tch member unit of Chinese industrial energy sav -ing and cleaner production association.

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