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Refining and chemical industry

  • Yangzhou Petrochemical sewage treatment renovation project
  • Coal liquefaction wastewater advanced treatment technology research and implementation program for China Shenhua Ordos coal-to-oil company
  • Ethylene raw material route renovation (MTO) project for Sinopec Zhongyuan Petrochemical co., LTD.
  • Sour crude oil processing adaptation and quality upgrading project for Sinopec Anqing branch
  • Oil quality upgrade and crude oil inferior refining renovation project for Sinopec Shijiazhuang refining and chemical co., LTD. 
  • Shenyang wax paraffin filter room filtration equipment EPC for Shenyang paraffin chemical co., LTD. 
  • Optimization and integration of wastewater treatment plant in Liaoyang Petrochemical company of Petrochina
  • Petrochina Harbin refinery sewage treatment project
  • Sinopec (Luoyang) chemical industry (PTA) and refinery sewage treatment project
  • General contract of oil sludge treatment and disposal project forf Fushun No.2 Petrochemical plant
  • Sinopec (Hainan) refinery sewage treatment project
  • Panjin ethylene refinery sewage 20000m3/d pretreatment equipment EPC
  • Petrochina Fushun Petrochemical company transfer station sewage biochemical treatment project
  • CNOOC Taizhou refining DAF equipment EPC
  • General contractor of 20000m3/d ultra heavy oil refining wastewater pretreatment equipment for Liaohe Petrochemical general plant
  • Liaoning golden belt oil refinery 4000m3/d DAF system renovation
  • CNOOC Zhongjie Petrochemical CPI and DAF equipment EPC
  • CNOOC Huizhou refining sewage treatment project



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