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Huafu owns the qualifications such as Design Qualification Certificate (Environmental Engineering Level A), Design License of Special Equipment People’s Republic of China, Manufacture License of Special Equipment People’s Republic of China, Five patents for invention, more than ten patents for utility models, the heavy oil wastewater advanced treatment reuse for boiler, low permeability fine-injection technology and polymer-contaminated treatment process fill the industry blanks in China. The “research and commercial application Recycling Heavy Oil Produced Water for OTSG technology” has been awarded the National Scientific and Technological Progress Second Prize in 2008.
  • A treatment device for denitrification and phosphorus removal of rural domestic sewage

  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency rural sewage treatment equipment

  • The invention relates to a ternary compound flooding oil recovery produced water treatment method

  • The invention relates to a heavy oil produced water discharge treatment method and device

  • Device and method for indirect heating thermal desorption of oily solid waste

  • The equipment and treatment method suitable for thermal desorption waste gas purification of oily sludge

  • The invention relates to a pretreatment method and a device for oily sludge

  • Pressure dissolved air flotation system

  • The invention relates to a method for removing silicon, purifying and softening oilfield sewage


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It was a high and new tech enterprise and the first batch of university-industry cooperation demonstra -tion base of Liaoning, the key enterprise of Chinese environmental protection industry, and the first ba -tch member unit of Chinese industrial energy sav -ing and cleaner production association.

Xinglongtai District, Panjin City,  Liaoning Province, China
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