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At present the main soil pollution repair technology are physical repair, chemical remediation, bioremediation, heat treatment technology, stable/curing technology, etc.

Our company has our own thermal desorption (separation) technology which often applied to the soil pollution remediation, objectively has some function of soil remediation in terms of oily sludge treatment, technically, in the research process of mechanism and practice of our thermal desorption (separation) technology, in the scientific research of oily sludge cleaning, we have certain knowledge of cleaning technology, at present, there are soil remediation application, using this technology abroad.

Thermal desorption is a kind of ectopic process, has been widely used in processing the tar contaminated soil, refinery waste, wood processing, wood oil polluted soil and chlorinated contaminated soil, the VOC, SVOC, PAH, PCBS, pesticides, mixed (radioactive and hazardous waste, synthetic rubber, paint waste processing waste.

Our company's main process of soil restoration: adopting the indirect thermal desorption method, then in situ or centered treatment. Applicable soil: class of volatile and semi volatile organic pollution.


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