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Heavy oil wastewater reuse technology

With the exploration of heavy oil, the oil produced water rate is increasing, on the one hand the redundant water issue has become worse, the other hand the heavy oil block needs large amount of clean water for the boiler, so it is bring lots of benefits to reuse the water for boiler. The heavy oil produced water has features such as; high-temperature, small oil/water density difference colloid, asphalt, emulsifying is serious, high oil content and high silica content in sludge.

By the test research and technical communication, laboratory trial, pilot and industrialized application. We crate the heavy oil produced water advanced treatment and reuse technology,  by the combination of the process oil, SS, silicon removing, soften, sludge dehydration, which solve the previous process existing issues, and the wastewater quality after those process can meet the thermal recovery injection boiler water quality, achieving the goals of heavy oil produced water zero discharge, environmental protection. Our process can be widely applied heavy oil produced water treatment and reuse.

Liaohe Oilfield Huan-3 Lian Wastewater Treatment Project

Client: Liaohe Oilfield

Production year:2002

Capacity: 20000m3/d

Process: Heavy oil produced water reuse for boiler

Equipment: DAF, filter, softener

Technical standard: effluent oil 2 mg/L, SS 2mg/L 

This project has been awarded “National Scientific and Technological Progress Second Award”


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