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Produced Water to Be Re-injected in Low Permeability Oil Reservoirs

In view of the low permeability reservoir water flooding back main characteristics and difficult points, including oily various organic compounds, including alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols and organic acids, such as suspension colloid content is higher, there is hardness and the presence of silica, and even some macromolecule organic matter, add a lot of difficulty to deal with; Huafus process can be provided to remove suspended solid content less than 1.0 mg/L, diameter less than 1.0μm, realize oily wastewater recycle for low permeability reservoir water injection. The technological achievements reached the international advanced level, to fill the domestic low permeability oil production wastewater technical blank in the field of fine processing. Effluent quality: the oil content1 mg/L; Suspended solids1 mg/L; The median particle size 1 um.

Main technological route can be chosen according to the characteristics of the different influent and effluent index. three different kinds of pretreatment process: 1) the tank + air floatation unit + precision filter;2) ADAF + double filter material filter + fine filter;3) ADAF + biochemical pool + fine filter; Three kinds of pretreatment filtering water can meet A2 level reinjection standard, to reach the standard grade A1 reinjection, membrane device for fine processing can be added after the the three kinds of pretreatment.

For remote areas, trial injection or temporary water injection, Huafu developed movable  skid water fine treatment system, eliminate the pollution of the water pipe network.

Configuration: 2 ~ 3 20 feet container

Specification: 50-500 m3 / d

Capacity: 1 ~ 2 people on duty, or production station management

Huan-7# Boosting Injection Wastewater Treatment System Expanding Project(BOT project in 2010)

Client: Liaohe Oilfield

Production year: 2005, 2010

Capacity: 1000m3/d

Process: oil produced water reuse for low permeability injection water

Equipment: DAF, filter, membrane

Technical standard: meet the Petroleum Industry Standard SY/T5329-94 A1 standard

This project has been awarded “2006 the national key environmental protection and practical technology demonstration project” by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry.


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