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Petrochemical wastewater treatment for reuse process

The water consumption of refinery company is increasing and component of the water is more complicated, poor biodegradability and high salt concentrations. The water cost is increasing.  So the wastewater advanced treatment for reuse can bring the company economic benefit and relief the water shortage issue.

We propose the process: DAF+MBR+Biocatalyst+liquid waste disposal.

Wastewater pre-treatment: The oil content in effluent less than 50mg/L;

Comprehensive treatment: adopt physical chemistry and biochemistry treat oily high-salt and low-salt wastewater to make sure the COD, ammonia nitrogen and other pollutants meet the discharge standard.

Final treatment for reuse: advanced treatment such as soften and desalt to make sure the effluent meet the standard of circulating cooling water and boiler water.


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