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Water pollution caused by petroleum chemical industry affect nearby residents life, disturb the ecological environment balance and even deadly break the biologic chain. Huafu carry analyze the pollutants and know about the various pollutants characteristics and their interaction, making the wastewater treatment technology best effect, and to avoid all substances caused by the chemical reaction between other chemicals directly or indirectly caused by other pollution and make a full range of research, participated in the wastewater disposal project of China petroleum and chemical companies.


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It was a high and new tech enterprise and the first batch of university-industry cooperation demonstra -tion base of Liaoning, the key enterprise of Chinese environmental protection industry, and the first ba -tch member unit of Chinese industrial energy sav -ing and cleaner production association.

Xinglongtai District, Panjin City,  Liaoning Province, China
+86 427 2881086      +86 427 2202166
+86 427 2881839

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